5 reasons you should send your employees to explore international PR traineeships

PR specialists make more and more professional friendships around the globe — be it representatives of international PR networks or foreign counterpart agencies. At the beginning of this year, we’ve had the opportunity to send one of our employees in London for a one-week traineeship in our partner agency Brands2Life. Here are 5 top reasons why you should do something similar.

1) Fresh information. The insights that employees collect during traineeships help you to expand professional horizons, build a more effective way of working with international customers as well as offer fresh ideas for your local clients. The opportunity works both ways: trainees can also share their insights on local media, social networks and blogs for the agency, participate in brainstorms and offer fresh vision on many subjects which can be very helpful for the inviting side.

2) Different corporate culture and values. It’s the little things that make a big difference, especially when it comes to the organizational process. For instance, team structure, corporate culture and values of another PR firm can be a very refreshing experience and insipration for the trainees and their agency.

3) Learning to learn. Trainees are facing time limitations and being out of their comfort zone, they have to push themselves to acquire as much knowledge as possible, which is a great task in itself. With that being said, it’s very important to provide your specialists with a concrete plan for the trip and make sure the inviting firm has a detailed plan as well in order to help them make the most of their trip.

4) Breaking stereotypes. Safe to say it’s very curious to know what professional stereotypes about local media/PR your foreign colleagues have, and sometimes to break them! Make a presentation about the PR climate in your country beforehand and arrange a session of questions and answers or just a business lunch with your foreign colleagues during one of the days — it will allow to make the exchange of practices more relaxed and effective.

5) Motivation. Last but not least, a short but well planned out traineeship is a great tool of motivation to increase the performance and loyalty of your staff, as much as it is a trigger for development of the trainee and the whole agency. Not to mention that meeting new friends and having fun abroad is always a nice change of pace. Follow our example and make the most out of your global PR connections — after all, they are being made exactly for sharing PR knowledge.

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